Wednesday, October 07, 2009

How to turn your kid into a bully

A new study links bullying behavior by adolescents to the perception they are not treated fairly by their parents.

Tom Jacobs writes:
How are bullies born? The issue has been the subject of intense study, particularly in the decade since two students who had been bullied went on a violent rampage at Columbine High School. Much of the resultant research includes the term "cycle of violence," which has become a shorthand way of acknowledging that a youngster who is a victim of physical abuse in the home is more likely to become a perpetrator. Now, a research team led by Michael Brubacher of DePaul University has found a more subtle connection between inadequate parenting and adolescent bullying. In a paper just published in the journal Psychology, Public Policy and Law, the academics coin the term "cycle of dominance." READ MORE