Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Mr. Sub fires agency after complaints of homophobia in television commercial

Mr. Sub has fired its agency BOS after the sandwich chain was accused of promoting homophobia in its latest “Not Everyone Likes Surprises” advertising campaign.

Marketing Mag reports:
It was the online execution, originally scheduled for a TV run next year, that became the subject of a letter/e-mail writing campaign by the CAW (Canadian Auto Workers). The ad showed a family sitting around the dining room table when the father cheerfully announces that he’s gay. Upon questioning by a grimacing young girl who is presumably his daughter: “You mean like gay, gay?” he responds, patting her on the head affectionately: “Like super, super gay.”

After hearing complaints from some of the CAW’s lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender members, the union began contacting other members last weekend advising them of the spot and recommending they contact Mr. Sub to express their displeasure, said Shannon Devine, a CAW communications director. “In the last few days, the sandwich chain Mr. Sub has come out with a new commercial which is shocking (and completely ridiculous) in the way that it mocks the LGBT community,” wrote Devine in one e-mail. “This is offensive and we must let Mr. Sub know that making fun of our LGBT sisters and brothers and the very difficult and often painful coming out process is no way to sell submarine sandwiches.” READ MORE