Monday, October 12, 2009

Gay man clings to life in NYC after brutal hate crime

Jack Price, an openly gay man from Queens, New York was brutally beaten by two men Friday night around 3:00 AM. One of his attackers has been identified as 26-year old, Daniel Aleman. Police have arrested Aleman and charged him with assault, aggravated assault as a hate crime, and aggravated harassment. The second attacker is still on the loose. Price is clinging to life in the hospital.

New York Daily News reports:
An openly gay Queens man was clinging to life Sunday night after being brutally beaten by two hate-spewing attackers on a walk to a corner store, police and relatives said Sunday. Jack Price, 49, of College Point, who was set upon early Friday as he went for a pack of cigarettes, was breathing through tubes Sunday in the intensive care unit at Booth Memorial Hospital. "They were walking in the store calling him a 'faggot,'" said Price's sister-in-law, who asked not to be named. "Look what they did to him because he is gay," she continued, standing in his hospital room. "It is in God's hands right now. There is nothing more they can do for him." READ MORE
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