Monday, October 19, 2009

Hundreds march for hate crime victim, Jack Price

Hundreds march in support for Jack Price, an openly gay man from Queens, New York who was brutally beaten by two men.

Gay City News reports:
The Queens LGBT community was joined by activists from across the city, allies from the political world, and neighborhood residents for a march through quiet College Point on Saturday afternoon, October 17, to show solidarity with Jack Price, a 49-year old gay man savagely beaten October 8 to within an inch of his life. Two young men from his neighborhood are charged in the assault, captured on a surveillance video.

The alleged assailants are in custody and the victim has come out of a medically-induced coma and spoken about the assault. And while a few in the neighborhood are protesting the designation of the attack as a hate crime, others are saying that the defense being mounted by friends of the alleged perpetrators is a fabrication.

“Justice for Jack Price!,” shouted longtime Queens gay activist Daniel Dromm through a megaphone as he led yet another march against an alleged hate crime — in 1990, in a galvanizing moment for the borough’s LGBT movement, community members marched to protest the murder of Julio Rivera in an anti-gay attack in Jackson Heights. In September, Dromm won the Democratic nomination for City Council from the Jackson Heights district, a victory tantamount to election.

As 300 proceeded down the boulevard past the site of the attack, Millie Franco and other staff from a beauty shop applauded them and condemned the alleged perpetrators. “It was disgusting,” she said. “These two punks, two against one. Let’s see how tough they are behind bars.” READ MORE