Monday, October 05, 2009

Gay Divorcé: I Am Not a Poster Child

A gay man named Jeffrey, who is one of the two plaintiffs in the landmark Texas gay divorce case, was a guest on Good Morning America Weekend and spoke about the legal battle to end his same-sex marriage.

Advocate reports:
Jeffrey (pictured), who prefers to be identified in the press as “JB,” spoke with Good Morning America Weekend host Billy Weir on Saturday, accompanied by his lawyer Peter Schulte. Describing his emotional state as “relief, sadness, and overwhelmed,” JB rejected Weir’s suggestion that the divorce was motivated by a desire to influence ongoing same-sex marriage litigation in states and before the Supreme Court. “From the beginning, I have said this is not a test case. I’m not the poster child,” said JB, who betrayed a sense of irritation with LGBT legal advocates who, he implied, want to capitalize on his case. “Some of the greatest negative feedback that I’ve gotten has been from the gay and lesbian community, the legal community in the gay and lesbian community specifically,” he said. READ MORE