Saturday, October 31, 2009

SkyWest Airline Discriminating Against a Married Gay California Couple

A SkyWest Airlines baggage agent who married his partner last year after the California Supreme Court legalized same-sex unions says the airline is breaking state law by refusing to give his husband the free fares it provides to heterosexual spouses.
San Francisco Chronicle reports:
The SkyWest Airlines says Gilbert Caldwell's husband is his "travel companion," entitled to fly at a discount but not for free, Caldwell said. "I am asking SkyWest to give me the same benefits that they give my married heterosexual co-workers." Caldwell, 56, who has worked for SkyWest in Palm Springs since September 2004, married David Farrell, 72, his partner of 34 years, in June 2008. They had been registered domestic partners since 2002. A SkyWest spokeswoman did not return phone messages about the case. But Caldwell's attorney, Tara Borelli of the gay-rights organization Lambda Legal, sent a letter Thursday to SkyWest. She said Caldwell would sue for damages unless SkyWest changed its policy. READ MORE