Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Stephen Gately 'died of natural causes'

The preliminary autopsy report on the untimely death of Boyzone singer, Stephen Gately (pictured) indicates that he suffered a pulmonary oedema, which is an accumulation of fluid on the lungs. Spanish news erroneously reported that Gately had died from choking on his own vomit after a night of heavy drinking. Gately's family has vehemently slammed allegations of drugs, alcohol or suicide as cause of death. Spanish authorities will neither confirm nor deny he had been drinking or taking drugs prior to his death and insist they were not the cause of it. Andrew Cowles, the singer's civil partner, visited Gately's body to pay his respects on Tuesday evening.

Gately 'died of natural causes'

BBC reports:
Boyzone singer Stephen Gately died of natural causes, a post-mortem examination in Spain has established. An official said he had suffered pulmonary oedema, which is an accumulation of fluid on the lungs.

The 33-year-old star was found dead at his holiday home in Majorca on Saturday. A judge on the island said his body could now be flown home. Family lawyer Gerald Kean said papers had been signed to allow the release of Gately's body, but added it may be two days before it was returned to the Irish Republic, his homeland. "The family's only wish is to get their son and brother home as soon as possible," he said.

The singer's civil partner Andrew Cowles visited Gately's body to pay his respects on Tuesday evening. Mr Cowles arrived at the municipal cemetery in Calvia, near Port Andratx, staying for about 15 minutes before leaving without comment.

A court official at the hearing into the cause of death said the pulmonary oedema had been "acute". She added that once the witness statements and tests had been confirmed then the case would be "closed". She could not say whether Gately had been taking any drugs or alcohol beforehand but stressed that either way, they had not been the cause of death. Toxicology results are due later.

Autopsy: Boyzone singer died of natural causes

AP reports:
Boyzone star Stephen Gately, whose body was found in a house on the Spanish resort island of Mallorca, died of natural causes, according to autopsy results released Tuesday. A post-mortem showed Gately, 33, an Irishman, died as a result of a pulmonary edema, or fluid in the lungs, the Balearic Islands Superior Justice Tribunal said in a statement. "The signer of the British group Boyzone died from natural causes, owing to an 'acute pulmonary edema'," the court statement said. "The autopsy carried out this morning showed there were no signs of violence to the body," it said, adding that Gately's remains could now be flown home.

Gately was found dead on Saturday in a house near Port d'Andratx on the western tip of Mallorca. The singer had gone to Mallorca with his partner Andrew Cowles. The two were wed in a civil union in 2006. The court said Cowles gave a statement at the court in the Mallorca capital of Palma on Tuesday. Other witnesses were also expected to give statements. The court said tissue samples from the singer's body would be sent to a laboratory in Barcelona for further analysis, and that unless information contradicting the autopsy result emerged, the investigation would be closed.

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