Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Canadian actress, Carly Pope, released from hospital after bizarre carjacking in Vancouver

"Canadian actress, Carly Pope (from TV's "24" and "Popular") and her actor brother Kris Pope were taken to the hospital for injuries and have been released from the facility, reports Aceshowbiz. "We're recovering, but we're pretty banged up," Kris told The Canadian Press. "Carly's got a couple of broken vertebrae, and I've got a broken wrist, possibly a broken ankle and a smashed up face." Carly was rushed to hospital after her car was smashed into a building. The accident happened when a man jumped onto the hood of the "24" star's BMW which was driven by Kris.

Actress Carly Pope and brother Kris hurt in Vancouver carjacking

CBC reports:
Carly and Kris Pope, siblings who are both actors, were the victims of a bizarre carjacking attempt in downtown Vancouver on Tuesday morning, CBC News has confirmed, and police say charges have now been laid. Carly Pope, 29, suffered a broken rib and two cracked vertebrae, while Kris Pope, 33, suffered severe injuries to his ankle, when a pedestrian tried to steal their vehicle and crashed it into the new CBC building on West Georgia Street.

"My daughter was thrown from the car at some point," said Dale Pope. "My son, who grabbed on to the door of the car to try and stop this person from kidnapping his sister, was thrown from the vehicle and received quite severe injuries to his ankle, his arm and his face. "My daughter suffered a broken rib and two cracked vertebrae and some stitches to her face. "We feel very blessed that they're with us because this person could have had a weapon," he added. "I don't know if he did or did not, but he could have had a weapon and used it on my daughter, or my son, or both. A lot of people were jeopardized yesterday by this person."