Thursday, June 10, 2010

Gay Mountie's $13M Lawsuit Says RCMP Ruined His Reputation

Donald Cooke, a senior Royal Canadian Mounted Police investigator claims in a lawsuit that a homophobic culture within the force and "unfounded child sex-assault allegations" have ruined his reputation. Cooke, who is openly gay, is seeking more than $13 million in damages.

Douglas Quan reports:
In late 2004, four B.C. men came forward with accusations that Donald Cooke sexually assaulted them when he coached them in minor hockey in the 1980s in that province.

According to the lawsuit, B.C. Crown prosecutors reviewed the evidence and recommended against charges.

But in May 2005, investigators from B.C., with the help of Ontario authorities, arrested Cooke.

According to the suit, a procession of officers in golf carts approached Cooke on the third green of a private golf course in Aurora, Ont., "for the purpose of maximizing the embarrassment and humiliation of Cooke."

The force suspended Cooke while the investigation continued.

Cooke, meanwhile, went on indefinite sick leave.

After reviewing the case a second time, B.C. prosecutors concluded there was still not enough evidence to charge him.

Yet, Cooke's suspension stretched on for four years, according to the suit.

The suit, filed in March, seeks more than $13 million in damages. READ MORE
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