Monday, December 14, 2009

Canadian diplomat spits on Tanzanian cop

The government says that the recall of Canadian diplomat, Jean Touchatt, from Tanzania for spitting on a policeman there will "not harm relations" with the African country. Maybe so, but Touchatt is an embarrassment to Canada nonetheless.

Toronto Star reports:
News reports identified the diplomat being returned to Canada as Jean Touchatte, the first secretary at the high commission. The Tanzanian government said Touchatte spat at the policeman during a traffic jam in Dar es Salaam. After being questioned by police, he was released in keeping with his diplomatic immunity. Citing privacy considerations, the Foreign Affairs department in Ottawa would not comment on the incident other than saying that it is not expected to damage Canada's "excellent bilateral relations" with Tanzania. "It is important to reiterate that Canadian employees posted abroad are held to a high standard of professional conduct in all their relations with officials in their host country," Foreign Affairs said in a brief statement.