Thursday, December 24, 2009

Gay Boyzone singer, Stephen Gately, died from an undiagnosed heart condition: forensic report

"Stephen Gately, the gay Boyzone singer who died on holiday in October, was killed by an undiagnosed heart condition, a forensic report has said. He suffered from atheromatosis, which is a thickening of the arteries," reports UK Pink News. The report made it clear he had not been killed by alcohol or drugs. Atheromatosis is considered rare in people aged under 50. It causes fatty deposits to line arteries leading into the heart, until the heart cannot pump blood around the body. Gately's mother suggested after his death he may have been killed by a heart condition, saying a number of relatives had suffered similar health problems. A preliminary pathology report said the star died from an acute pulmonary oedema, a build-up of fluid on the lungs caused by the atheromatosis.

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