Thursday, December 17, 2009

"Gay" censorship on Valve's Forums

"'With Rockstar Games releasing The Ballad of Gay Tony, will Valve ever include a gay character in any of their games?' That was the gist of a thread created on the official Steam forums several weeks ago, reports "It's a pretty innocuous question; developers these days are increasingly including same-sex content in their titles, from the eponymous Gay Tony to the two bisexual characters in Dragon Age: Origins. It's an inclusion that just a short decade ago would have been absurd, but with the increasing visibility of LGBT people in popular culture, it's inevitable that gay individuals would look to see representation in other media outside of television or film too. Innocuous question or not, however, the thread itself was quickly locked and hidden from public view by one of Valve's volunteer moderators, a fate that almost every other discussion of LGBT topics on the official Steam forums ends with, as well." READ MORE