Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Gay Rights: Idealism or Practicality?

"All civil rights movements eventually reach this proverbial fork in the road. From abolition, to women’s suffrage, to the Civil Rights era, all have had to make the tough decision of where to place their focus. Do you take the incremental, immediate victories, or do you take the larger risk and go for the big prize? Neither route is perfect, and historically both are a mixed bag of success and failure."
- J. Clarence Flanders

J. Clarence Flanders writes:
The most universally accepted gay rights agenda is an ambitious one ranging from employment discrimination to military service. On the national and state level, gay rights activists have launched several campaigns within the judicial system and in the court of public opinion.

There have been many victories along the way, but more prominently commented on by activists and opponents alike are the defeats. After the most recent losses in New York, Maine, and California, many within the movement are beginning to ask themselves if it is time to be more practical rather than idealistic. READ MORE
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