Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Right on target

Monica blogs at The Woes of a Barren Lesbo. She teaches ethnic studies and works with survivors of interpersonal violence. Her post (see excerpt below) is right on target (pun intended).

Monica writes:
My besties gave me a copy of the Target Toy Catalog for 2009 and pointed out the front cover. At first I thought it was just your typical run of the mill gender socialization propaganda…

  • White girl on the cover? Check.
  • Is she wearing pink? Check.
  • Is she wearing a tiara? Check.
  • Is she wearing a tutu? Check.
  • Is the tutu pink? Check.
  • Is she smiling? Check.
  • Is she playing with barbie? Check.
  • Is there a little boy in the image? Check.
  • Is he doing one of the following: making a mess, eating something or expressing anger? Check.

    Ok, the basics are covered.

    But upon further inspection, I realize that the barbie is holding Lego flowers…. and… wait a minute… are those church bells I see?! …

    That little boy isn’t just upset because she is playing with his (read: a boy’s) toy… He is mad because she is marrying them!

    So not only do we have an image of a smiling white girl wearing a pink tutu and tiara playing with barbie while a little boy is expressing anger… but we can add heteronormative relationships and male aversion to marriage to the list. Yay!

    The only things missing are caption bubbles.

    Maybe the little boy is a radical activist:
  • click to enlargeMore captions here.