Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Huge rally held before D.C's gay marriage vote

"An enthusiastic crowd filled the Shaw Center in northwest Washington on Monday night -- the eve of the historic gay marriage equality vote. The D.C. Council already passed the first of two required votes earlier this month."

NBC reports:
Councilmen Harry Thomas and David Catania drew thunderous applause as they addressed the crowd. Catania urged supporters not to hold the two dissenting votes against Councilman Marion Barry, Ward 8, and Councilwoman Yvette Alexander, Ward 7. "I want ot thank the two who are not with us," he said. "Not because they are not with us now. But because they have been with us so often on so many other issues." Both Barry and Alexander say their "no" votes reflect their constituents wishes.

"I implore the gay community to do more work in Ward 7 because there needs to be a dialogue," Alexander said. There was an excitement in the air in the Shaw Center as many couples, like Clarence Brown and Terry McGuire, look forward to legally marrying soon in the District. "In 50 years we'll look back and wonder why it didn't happen sooner," McGuire said. "And I am proud to call D.C. home and be a part of it."