Monday, December 14, 2009

Interview with actress Sigourney Weaver

"An actress with a particular talent for playing male roles. A fierce defender of Off–Off Broadway theater. And a woman not afraid to tangle with the Secret Service."

Amy Larocca writes:
Some facts about Sigourney Weaver, gleaned over lunch at Brasserie:

She reached her full height (six feet tall) before turning 12 years old. She went to the Yale School of Drama, where she spent three years playing “old women and prostitutes,” and thinks it was pretty much a waste of her time. She first met her husband, a director named Jim Simpson, at a party at the Williamstown Theater Festival. She got up the courage to ask him to dance when her friend Dianne Wiest said, “Go, Siggy, go!” and gave her a little push.

She’s been to the White House once. It was during the Reagan administration, and an 11-year-old Saudi Arabian prince and Ghostbusters fan had requested her presence at a dinner, but was disappointed that she didn’t turn up as Zuul. While there, she tried to discuss abortion with President Reagan but was promptly whisked away by the Secret Service. READ MORE