Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Gay man dies after brawl at gay bar in Toledo

"A bar fight that erupted at a gay nightspot in Toledo claimed the life of one area man. The death is not thought to be a hate crime," reports EdgeBoston. The fight was reportedly sparked at about 2:30 a.m. Dec. 13 on the dance floor of Caesar’s Showbar, a gay establishment. The fight turned into a brawl that continued outside after the bar’s staff ejected a number of people; 32-year-old Marland Woods, reportedly tried to intervene and protect another individual at some point in the melee. However, Woods himself became the victim of a fatal beating after leaving the bar. Woods was hospitalized but succumbed to head injuries nearly a week later, on December, 19th, 2009. Woods did not often go out, his sister, Shonda Floyd said. Woods’ domestic partner of 10 years, Brian Hunker, confirmed this, saying that Woods "worked every day of the week. He had one day off and that’s why he went out." Woods reportedly went to the bar with a friend; Hunker was not present when the brawl broke out. READ MORE