Saturday, December 26, 2009

New interview with Nicholas Hoult (A Single Man)

Actor Nicholas Hoult (pictured), currently co-starring in Tom Ford's "A Single Man" did an interview with Neil Cohen, resident film critic of Movie Dearest and Phoenix's Echo Magazine. Below is an excerpt.

Movie Dearest's Neil Cohen writes:
Neil Cohen: For you, what was the best part of working on "A Single Man"?

Nicholas Hoult: For me, it was working with such talented people as Tom [Ford]and Colin [Firth] and the whole crew. It was a real labor of love for everyone. It’s a nice experience on a film set when it’s not all about making money.

Neil Cohen: A colleague was grateful that the film showed a healthy gay relationship (before the lover’s death), rather than self-loathing characters.

Nicholas Hoult: That’s a key part of the story is that it’s about love and loss, and it would have worked as well if George’s partner who died had been female.

Neil Cohen: Was it hard slipping into the time period and the American accent?

Nicholas Hoult: I had a great dialogue coach and she just made sure that the accent was specific to the time and place we’re in, and it gives you the confidence to forget the fact that you're speaking in an accent when you’re acting. The script was so beautifully constructed by Tom, that everything you needed was in there.

Read full interview at Movie Dearest.