Sunday, December 27, 2009

TV Buzz: Does Jack die on "Lost"?, Matt Bomer gets picked up, Arrested Development movie, Tennant leaves the Tardis and More!

'Lost' Death: It's Either Sayid or Jack

The biggest scoop about the last season of "Lost" has just been revealed by E! Online. Although still cryptic and in between two possibilities, the spoiler is detrimental to Sayid in either way. Sayid allegedly will meet a devastating end as early as the first episode of season 6. E!, which has screened the two-hour premiere episode called "LA X", lists two options, it's either "Sayid dies" or "Sayid kills Jack" and one of them is true. The last time the character played by Naveen Andrews was seen is in episode "The Incident". He was shot in the abdomen by Roger Linus and losing consciousness while the 1977 incident happened. Should "Sayid dies" is the right one, then it's most likely that he would die out of the wound in "LA X". However, since "Lost" is complex in its time-traveling plot, then there is also a huge possibility that he would be resurrected in the Temple by the Others. After all, it was reported that Andrews has shot several episodes other than "LA X". The final and sixth season of "Lost" premieres on February 2 at 9/8c. (AceShowbiz)

Simon Cowell Will Leave "American Idol" Next Year

Simon Cowell's brother says the next season of "American Idol" will be the judge's last. Tony Cowell said in his weekly podcast, "The Cowell Factor," that a statement was being prepared that would certify that the acerbic British judge was leaving the popular Fox signing competition at the end of 2010. Simon Cowell will concentrate on bringing his popular U.K. talent show "The X Factor" to the U.S. next year, his brother said on the Saturday podcast, which has since been removed. "Meanwhile, Simon prepares for a new season of 'Idol,' or should I say, his last season of 'Idol,'" Cowell's older brother said. "A press statement is being prepared which will confirm what everybody expected: Simon will leave 'Idol' at the end of 2010 to concentrate on bringing the American version of 'X Factor' to U.S. TV in 2011." (AP)

"White Collar" Starring Matt Bomer, Picked Up for a Second Season

Cable channel USA has officially picked up its freshman dramedy White Collar, which stars Matt Bomer as master con man Neal Caffrey, for a second season, according to the Hollywood Reporter. The show’s creator/executive producer Jeff Eastin Tweeted the news on Friday: “White Collar season 2 pickup is official! Congratulations to the best cast and crew on television.” White Collar premiered in October to 5.4 million viewers and ended up averaging 5.6 million viewers through its fall finale earlier this month. The show moves from Friday to Tuesday when it returns Jan. 20 to finish out the rest of its first season. (Entertainment Weekly)

"Doctor Who" Writer, Russell T Davies, 'proud' of David Tennant Exit

Doctor Who chief writer Russell T Davies has said he is very proud of the final episodes that mark the end of David Tennant's reign as the Time Lord. Davies, who masterminded the sci-fi show's return in 2005, also said he was no longer sad to be leaving as the show's producer. "It's the end for us, but not the end for Doctor Who," he told the BBC. He was speaking before a preview screening of episode one of Tennant's final story, The End of Time. "All the sad bits I did when I was writing it, so I got that bit out of my system then. So I could then stand back and laugh while everyone else was blubbing their eyes out," Davies said. "I'm very proud of these two episodes," he said. "Now I simply feel happy to be honest, really happy with what we made. READ MORE

"Arrested Development" Movie Expected to Start Shooting in Early 2010

It seems that Michael Cera cannot wait longer to work on "Arrested Development". After wrapping the shooting for "Scott Pilgrim vs. the World", the actor's schedule is quite free and he is ready to shoot the movie adaption of the FOX's sitcom. "I think sometime next year, hopefully, we'll be shooting," Cera told MTV when he was interviewed on Thursday afternoon, December 17. "I hope [we'll shoot in 2010]. I think that's realistic." Expressing his eagerness to team up with Jason Bateman, Portia de Rossi, Will Arnett, David Cross, and other members of Bluth family, Cera said, "I'm really excited to get to be around everyone again. It was so weird when the show was canceled. You're doing a TV show, and it feels like family, and then you're not doing it anymore." He then added, "It was a really strange thing to leave. I'm excited to be around them all again." (AceShowbiz)

"Air Farce" Comedy Troupe Back on CBC for New Year's Eve Special

Well, we thought we had gone away,” said Don Ferguson, one of the founding members of Air Farce. “But then CBC said to us, ‘Would you please come back and do a New Year’s Eve special?’ ” Thus, Air Farce will get re-acquainted with its TV roots on a new New Year’s Eve special that will air, conveniently, on New Year’s Eve. It’s the 18th New Year’s Eve special for Air Farce, which first was a radio show, then became a New Year’s Eve TV special, then became a weekly TV show before “signing off” a year ago. “Frankly, we weren’t sure whether we should or not,” said Ferguson, when asked about the decision to come back on a one-off basis. “We thought, ‘If it’s over, it’s over.’ “But personally, I think the younger guys we have on the show, like Alan Park and Craig Lauzon and Penelope Corrin, to me they should be on TV. I have to say, that was half my motivation.” READ MORE

Dirty TV Moments That Slipped Past the Censors

One of the dirtiest TV moments was NBC's sitcom, 30 Rock using the term" lemon party." This is one of two times on "30 Rock" where they use the term "lemon party." In both cases, it's ostensibly a reference to the main character, Liz Lemon's, family. But the Internet will tell you otherwise. defines "lemon party" as: "A nice little orgy involving three older, overweight men with flacid penises." Sure, they don't quite get the spelling of "flaccid" right, but you get the gist. I picked this "30 Rock" shout-out to lemon parties over the other one because, in this case, Liz's father, Richard Lemon, says, "You can't have a lemon party without old Dick!" And that, my friends, is NO coincidence. See the video and read more Dirty TV Moments That Slipped Past the Censors.

Top 10 TV Episodes 2009
  • The Office, "Stress Relief"
  • Glee, "Pilot"
  • Big Love, "Come, Ye Saints"
  • Dollhouse, "Briar Rose"
  • Nurse Jackie, "Tiny Bubbles"
  • 30 Rock, "Apollo, Apollo"
  • Mad Men, "My Old Kentucky Home"
  • Party Down, "Taylor Stiltskin Sweet Sixteen"
  • Breaking Bad, "Phoenix"
  • Curb Your Enthusiasm, "The Table Read"

    Top 10 TV Series 2009
  • Mad Men
  • Modern Family
  • Breaking Bad
  • Big Love
  • Battlestar Galactica
  • Lost
  • Friday Night Lights
  • Glee
  • Sons of Anarchy
  • (Tie) The Office / Parks and Recreation

    Holiday TV Specials: The Best, The Worst, The Weirdest

    A Charlie Brown Christmas (Original air date: Dec. 9, 1965)

    Synopsis: This special almost never happened. CBS executives were reportedly upset with a number of aspects of the program, particularly the use of untrained child actors in the cast, as well as Linus's long Christmas liturgy. As well, the jazz score by the relatively obscure Vince Guaraldi contained little traditional holiday music. Many at CBS believed the on-air product would fail with viewers. It turned out to be an instant hit for CBS, won both an Emmy and a Peabody award and remains one of our most popular holiday traditions.

    Highlights: The opening scene with the Charlie Brown Gang skating to the melodic chords of Guaraldi's Christmas Time Is Here — that lovely falsetto heralds the holiday season. Even Pig Pen manages to look festive.

    How has it aged? Like the custard on Christmas pudding, it's eagerly anticipated and always rewarding.

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