Thursday, December 17, 2009

TV Buzz: Eastwick, RuPaul, Jon Tenney, Castle, Stephen Nichols, Burn Notice, Dave Franco and more!

Dave Franco: The other handsome Franco brother

Fans of the apparently immortal "Scrubs," airing its ninth season Tuesdays on ABC, are facing a lot of changes this year. Among them is Cole Aaronson, played by Dave Franco, often recognized for his "Funny or Die" Web series with his older brother, called "Acting With James Franco." Franco's "Scrubs" character is described as "cocky" and "entitled." Franco agrees with that, but says, "As the season progresses, you learn about his relationship with his parents, which a lot of his attitude stems from. At the same time, you see that he is a vulnerable kid. With all that said, he puts on an arrogant front, but at the same time, it's obvious that he's not really this guy. "He is harmless, when it's all said and done." READ MORE

Jerry O'Connell to guest star on final 'Eastwick' episode

Jerry O'Connell will guest star on his wife, Rebecca Romijn's "Eastwick." It looks like his character will be involved in some kind of confrontation with a kid on a playground before the boy's mother comes in between them. The episode is called "Magic Snow and Creepy Gene". When the ladies make a pact never to reveal what they did to Jamie, they realize they must go their separate ways - and abandon their powers. A guilty Joanna tries to help Penny find closure. The last episode of the witch series will air on December 30, 2009. (AceShowBiz)

'Closer' star Jon Tenney moonlights on 'Brothers & Sisters'

One actor, two series: It's a happy holiday season, to be sure, for Jon Tenney. Seen regularly as police interrogator Brenda's (Kyra Sedgwick) FBI agent husband, Fritz, on the TNT drama "The Closer" -- which closes out its fifth season with the last of three new episodes Monday, Dec. 21 -- Tenney also is in the midst of a recurring role as Dr. Simon Craig, a doctor romantically involved with Nora (Sally Field), on "Brothers & Sisters" Sundays on ABC. "The timing kind of worked out well," Tenney confirms. "I also have a sci-fi movie coming out in January, 'Legion,' a big special-effects thing that should be sort of fun." (

Nonverbal communication of race bias on TV influences viewers' own bias

Subtle patterns of nonverbal behavior that appear on popular television programs influence racial bias among viewers, according to research from Tufts University to appear in the December 18, 2009, issue of the journal Science. READ MORE

First Look: Alyssa Milano on 'Castle'

Alyssa Milano is going to give Stana Katic a tough competition. According to ABC, Milano is Richard Castle's former love interest who will give Castle and Beckett's relationship the shake up. Named Kyra, the character reconnects with the writer on her wedding day where "sparks fly". The episode is called "Rose for Everafter" but the air date is still unknown. "Castle" is slated to go back on screen starting January 11, 2010. (AceShowBiz)

George Michael sorry for his potty mouth

Singer George Michael apologised to BBC Radio 2 listeners after he swore live on Chris Evans's show on Wednesday. The star, who joined Evans during his drivetime programme as a co-host, "sincerely apologised" for what Evans called "some colourful language". Believing there would be a delay on his words, Michael swore while talking about BBC Two show Top Gear. After saying sorry immediately after the event, Evans issued further apologies later in the programme. (BBC)

'Burn Notice' plot revealed for January 2010 episode

USA Network is giving more and more footage from the January episode of "Burn Notice". Containing a brief summary of what happened when the show stopped airing in August, the new promo says that Michael will get a lot of trouble when his only link to Intelligence Agency is dead and his biggest foe wants to toy around with him. The first episode, called "A Dark Road", will be airing on January 21. A widow whose husband died during a fake insurance scam begs Fiona for help getting her husband's dangerous associates away from her and her son. Even before the action drama completes the second half of the third season, USA has put an order for the fourth season. Comprised of 16 episodes, the fourth season will begin in Summer next year. (AceShowBiz)

Stephen Nichols IN, William Russ OUT as Young & Restless's Tucker McCall

Casting carousel at The Young and the Restless. TV Guide Magazine is reporting that Y&R has recast the role of Tucker McCall, currently portrayed by William Russ, with daytime favorite Stephen Nichols. Nichols will first appear on Jan 27, 2010. The Y&R execs have kept their statements brief. Co-exec producer/head writer Maria Arena Bell says: “William Russ is a talented actor and we enjoyed working with him. However, we decided to take the character in another direction.” Adds co-exec producer Paul Rauch: “[Russ] did a wonderful job while he was here.” (Daytime Confidential)

'Lost' poster reveals clues to final season

The final "Lost" poster which is part of "The Lost Underground Art Project" was unveiled on Tuesday, December 15 and went online the next day. Unlike the other fifteen that were debuted in prior, this new one shows a large portion of the sci-fi's cast apart from some key objects like the bunker's lid, the crashed Oceanic plane and the Black Rock ship. ABC had commissioned a series of posters to be made out in honor of the final "Lost" season. The latest art is that by Tyler Stout who often creates tour posters for indie rock band Menomena. According to Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse who attended the unveiling show, there are two clues about season 6 inside the poster. (AceShowBiz)

I love RuPaul! This photograph is a great spoof of Sarah Palin's memoir, Going Rogue. The new season of RuPaul's Drag Race debuts February 1st, 2010, on Logo!