Thursday, December 17, 2009

Canada's "first same-sex married couple MP Christmas card"

"Liberal MP Scott Brison's Christmas card is making some headlines after the Globe's Jane Taber blogged about it yesterday," reports "It's thought to be the 'first same-sex married couple MP Christmas card."

The Globe and Mail posted this message below Jane Taber's blog post:

"Comments have been closed due to an overwhelming number of hateful and homophobic remarks. We appreciate that readers want to discuss this issue, but we can't allow our site to become a platform for intolerance."
"It's too bad the Globe didn't leave the comments open. Homophobic wingnuts only remind us how much work we still have to do. It would be better to challenge their bigotry with counter-arguments, rather than shutting down the whole discussion."
Xtra's federal politics blogger Dale Smith notes, "Seriously? In Canada in 2009? You’d think that people would get over it by now."