Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Senate confirms 1st openly gay US marshal

"Sharon Lubinski has been confirmed as the next U.S. marshal for Minnesota -- making her the first openly gay U.S. marshal in the nation and the first woman to serve in the post for the state," reports the Chicago Tribune. Sharon Lubinski, the assistant police chief in Minneapolis, was confirmed to the post on Thursday by the full U.S. Senate. She learned the news later that day, and it was made public Monday. "It was a nice Christmas present," Lubinski said Monday. "It's very exciting. I think it's an exceptional time to be serving in the federal system." Colleagues said she never approached her job with an activist agenda, though her announcement inspired other gay officers to go public. "Being gay is part of who I am, but I think the even bigger piece here is that it's essential that law enforcement agencies reflect the communities that they serve, whether it's the state, local or federal level," Lubinski said. "First and foremost my responsibility is to make sure I serve everyone in the community, no matter what their background, no matter what their race ... so everyone in the community can feel they are getting the best and equal justice." Lubinski, a native of Green Bay, Wis., made headlines when she announced in a 1993 Minneapolis Star Tribune interview that she was a lesbian. She was the first openly gay officer in the Minneapolis department. READ MORE