Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Teens talk gay marriage at Sun Youth Forum

"For more than a half-century, the Sun Youth Forum has provided students across Southern Nevada with an opportunity to voice their opinions on a variety of issues. Time and time again, this conference has proved that the youths of this nation have voices that matter." - SeHoon Park (pictured)

SeHoon Park writes:
(Las Vegas, Nevada) Almost predictably, our discussion lingered on the issue of same-sex marriage. Although some pointed out that recent attempts to legalize same-sex marriage have been repudiated by the majority in our state, many in our group thought the time to recognize this relationship has come.

It has become a social trend to marry for love; many argued that if love is required for marriage, the gender of the lovers should not matter. Although many found the idea of gay marriage degrading to the tradition of marriage and generally unnatural, the majority pointed out the difference between religious and civic marriages and argued to define marriage to provide same-sex couples with the same legal benefits as married heterosexual couples.