Thursday, December 31, 2009

Top 10 Sexual Stories of 2009

"We are intrigued by many of this year’s sexual stories, saddened by some, and encouraged by others,"writes: Kari Lerum and Shari L. Dworkin. "May 2010 be filled with opportunities to reframe old (sexist, racist, homophobic, and sex-negative) stories into sexual stories that involve measured discussion of sexual health, sexual justice, and sexual rights."

Top 10 Sexual Stories of 2009:
#9. Gay-marriage-success stories, starring: Argentina!

7. Homo-hater stories, starring: conservative religious anti-gay activists in Uganda and the US!

# 5. Panic-over-sex/gender/sexuality-fluidity stories, starring: Caster Semenya!

# 3. No-condoms-for-those-who-need-it-most stories, starring: Pope Benedict XVI!

#2. Backlash-against-sexual-&-reproductive-justice stories, starring: the murderer of Dr. George Tiller!

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