Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Toyota Yaris makes an incredibly offensive car commercial about incest

Toyota has been forced to withdraw an advertisement for one of its new Yaris model after a flood of complaints that the video was sexist and made a joke out of incest. Wow. Read the transcript below.

UK Telegraph reports:
The car firm's first foray into social media in Australia backfired after it invited film-makers to create a new online advertisement for its Yaris model, a small car which is sold mostly to female buyers.

But eyebrows were raised when it emerged that the winning entry featured a innuendo-laden conversation between a man and his daughter's boyfriend.

In the the video, titled "Clean Getaways", the boyfriend says: "I'm here to take Jennifer's virginity out tonight."

Her father replies: "She can take a good pounding in any direction", before the daughter chimes in with: "I'm ready to blow."

It ends with the young man telling his girlfriend's father: "I'll have her on her back by 11". READ MORE