Wednesday, December 16, 2009

UPDATE: On the hate crime murder of UK gay man, Gerry Edwards

David Kilcullen, 46, was sentenced to a minimum of 32 years in prison this morning for the murder of UK gay man, Gerry Edwards, reports UK Pink News. Edwards partner, Chris Bevan, who was also injured in the attack read to the court a victim impact statement, which in part said:
" This mindless act of violence has robbed Gerry and me both of our lives. He did not deserve to lose his life in such an evil and shocking way, nor did I deserve to have my life affected in such an enormous way."
David Kilcullen, took a knife to the home of Gerry Edwards and Chris Bevan in March. He stabbed Edwards to death and severely injured Bevan. The judge in the case said there had been at least an "undercurrent of homophobic attitude."