Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Murder Of Honduran Gay Activist, Walter Tróchez, Illustrates Spike In Hate Crimes

"The recent killing of gay activist Walter Tróchez in Honduras shows a troubling increase in hate crimes in the past six months in the Central American nation that has been marred by a political crisis," reports the Miami Herald. "Walter Tróchez spent a lot time at Honduras police stations and morgues: he was the HIV-positive gay activist who got the call every time a transgender sex worker was murdered on the streets of Honduras. His phone rang often. Human rights advocates say up to 18 gay and transgender men have been killed nationwide -- as many as the five prior years -- in the nearly six months since a political crisis rocked the nation. Activists say the spike illustrates a breakdown in the rule of law in a country already known for hate crimes. Tróchez is now among the victims. Last week, just days after he escaped a six-hour kidnapping ordeal, an unknown assailant fired at him from a moving vehicle, silencing one of Honduras' most prominent voices in the gay community. READ MORE