Saturday, December 19, 2009

Washington D.C. Mayor Legalizes Gay Marriage

"Same-sex couples are celebrating a victory in our nation's capital. There was thunderous applause Friday at All Souls Church, where Washington, D.C. mayor Adrian Fenty signed a bill legalizing same sex marriage. But no one's hearing wedding bells just yet," reports WGN. "The measure must pass a 30-day congressional review before it can go into effect. Mayor Fenty called the bill the end to an era of struggle for residents in D.C. He says the city is taking a leap forward in ensuring freedom and equality for all. "Marriage inequality is a civil rights, political, social, moral and religious issue in this country and in many nations. And as I sign this act into law the District of Columbia from this day forward will set the tone for other jurisdictions to follow in creating an open and inclusive city." Supporters expect the bill to breeze thru congress. If it passes, you could see same-sex marriages in the district as early as March. Opponents hope to derail that plan.