Tuesday, April 20, 2010

'Queen mother of the civil rights movement' dead at 98

"Dorothy Height, who was called the queen mother of the civil rights movement through seven decades of advocacy for racial equality -- including 41 years as president of the National Council of Negro Women -- has died. She was 98," reports the Los Angeles Times. "Though not as well known as her male peers, Height was a strong presence in the movement. She was president of the National Council of Negro Women and played an important role in integrating the YWCA." READ MORE

Wiki Bio: Dorothy Height

Thank-You, Dorothy.

NOTE: Dorothy Height, like Coretta Scott King. was an ally to the gay rights movement.

LGBTPOV.com reports:
[Dr. Dorothy Height]... has a history of supporting LGBT rights. For instance, Height and her friend Coretta Scott King, widow of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, were among those LGBT allies who worked the halls of Congress in 1996 with Elizabeth Birch, then-president of the Human Rights Campaign, when the Employment Non-Discrimination Act faced its first vote on the Senate floor. Vice President Al Gore was on standby to cast the deciding vote if necessary – but the Senate rejected ENDA 50-49.