Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Heather Locklear arrested

TV actress, Heather Locklear (Melrose Place) was arrested for hit-and-run. This is not her first arrest either. She was arrested for allegedly driving under the influence of prescription medications in 2008. Thankfully, in both cases, she's not harmed anyone. Why is she even allowed to have a driving license? Someone get her to rehab before she kills someone.

TMZ reports:
The person who heard the crash didn't call the Ventura County Sheriff's Department until 7:48 PM that night. Deputies went out to the area and found a knocked over "no parking" sign and obvious signs of a car that went up the curb, striking the sign. Deputies confirmed through investigation that the car in question was Locklear's black BMW. The collision was very close to Locklear's home. Deputies then went to Locklear's home, saw damage to the BMW that was consistent with the collision, and arrested her for hit-and-run.

More details at TMZ
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