Thursday, April 22, 2010

Governor of Virginia's transgender former brother-in-law speaks out against him at a rally

"I had heard rumors during last year's campaign that Bob McDonnell [Governor of Virginia] had a transgender relative... yesterday at an Equality Virginia organized protest, McDonnell's former brother-in-law, Robyn Deane [pictured], who is transgendered, was one of several speakers at a rally outside the Capitol pushing for a state law to provide protections for workers based on sexual orientation," reports Michael-in-Norfolk. "According to a source at EV McDonnell and his staff were caught blind sided by Robyn Deane's decision to go public. Obviously, given McDonnell's close hand observation and experience of what LGBT citizens go through - Deane was married to Maureen McDonnell's sister for 17 years - makes his extreme callousness towards gay Virginians all the more reprehensible." (see video) READ MORE