Friday, May 07, 2010

MMA Fighter: Is he gay or just playing gay on TV?

"Nick Ring, a competitor on the current season of The Ultimate Fighter is either openly gay or so comfortable with his sexuality that he doesn’t care if everyone else thinks he gay," reports Jim Buzinski. "After all, no other Mixed Martial Arts fighter, when asked if he was gay, would answer, No, but my boyfriend is. Nor would they have several stereotypical gay mannerisms down pat so well that it looks like it’s them, not an act."

Jim Buzinski has more on the story:
“The Ultimate Fighter,” seen on Spike TV on Wednesdays, puts 14 mixed martial artists separated into two teams in a house, living, training and fighting until there is one winner.

Ring was the first pick of his captain Tito Ortiz in the current season and quickly the “is he gay?” question has popped up on MMA message boards.

Beats me, but Ring, 6-feet-3 and from Canada, certainly appears like he’s gay and addresses the question openly on his blog for the show.

On a webcast extra recapping the latest show, Ring was asked if his strategy is “to make the other guys think you’re light in the loafers?”

Ring replies: “They’re calling me gay anyway, I might as well play it up. Whatever.”
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