Friday, June 11, 2010

CD REVIEW: Christina Aguilera gets unbelievably graphic on Bionic

"Man, Christina Aguilera must love to fuck. Either that, or she’s proof of the old adage that those who talk about it the most do it the least."

Mike Usinger writes:
Where past Xtina efforts have hinted that’s she’s horny to the core, Bionic makes a concrete case that she’s currently the dirtiest girl working in mainstream pop.

The filthiness starts three songs in with “Woohoo”, a jungle-flavoured ode to her snapper where she comes across as a less-wholesome Gwen Stefani with, “All the boys think it’s cake when they taste my/You don’t even need a plate just ya face—ha!/Licky licky, yum yum what a great guy”.

And “Sex for Breakfast” takes the between-the-sheets shenanigans to disgustingly graphic levels with nothing-left-to-the-imagination lines like, “Gonna feel your honey drip/My juices start to flow”, not to mention “Taste me and I’ll taste you” and “When the morning comes, I know that I will too”.

At least we get a break from the sucky-fucky stuff in the icky-thumper “Desnudate”, although, considering that Xtina delivers half of it in Spanish, there’s no guarantee she’s not singing “Get down there and tongue my sweet sweet poop chute”.

The funny thing is, no one would put it past her. READ MORE