Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The reason why Elton performed at Limbaugh's wedding revealed!

Elton John's husband, David Furnish attended the Tony Awards in New York on Sunday night and spoke with People about why Elton performed at Rush Limbaugh's wedding.

People reports:
"To put it in Elton's exact words, when he got the invitation, he was 'a little surprised,' " his partner David Furnish told PEOPLE. "And then, when it turned out to be a genuinely sincere invitation … Elton said, 'Life is about building bridges, not walls.' "

John also saw it as another opportunity, in his words, "to go where people wouldn't expect me to go."

"And maybe if I can make a great impression," Furnish quoted him as saying, "people might change their perspectives on life."

"Elton, during the performance made a lot of cracks: 'I suppose you all wonder why I'm here tonight?' " says Furnish. "But ultimately, it's a bit like an olive branch, I guess."
That's certainly well-intentioned, Elton, but what was Rush Limbaugh's response?

Did he accept the olive branch, or did he simply snap it in two, like a dead twig?

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