Friday, July 02, 2010

Celebrity Buzz: LL Cool J, Matt Bomer, Corinne Bailey Rae, Colin Farrell, Betty White

LL COOL J on whether he wants to be known as an actor first or a musician first:
''I am a musician and I am an actor, but I am an artist first. I am a creator. I can appreciate, you know, Rembrandt, Bernini and Caravaggio as much as I can appreciate Mobb Deep and the Red Hot Chili Peppers. There is no difference. It's just about being an artist and just getting the opportunity to be inspired to do something. [NCIS: LA] to me is just another expression, another way to express myself creatively, and touch different people with art. Instead of creating in the studio with music that people listen to, I get a chance to walk out and live it out through someone's else's words from a script. It's a little different, and it's cool.''
White Collar star MATT BOMER on his favorite summer activity:
''Barbecue. You can take the boy out of Texas, but you can't take the Texas out of the boy. I have my own special sauce that I make, I like to get friends over, people swimming in the pool, enjoying themselves, a little alcoholic beverage. Whatever it takes to relax.''
CORINNE BAILEY RAE on playing live:
''I definitely feel like music is transformative. You're able to transcend what's going on in these three dimensions. I feel like something's coming in, and something's going through, but then something sort of stays. That's part of the reason I'm enjoying playing again. I do feel like it's doing something to my actual molecules.''
COLIN FARRELL on life in Hollywood:
''It's the schoolyard playground on steroids. The same rules apply — rules of popularity and power and ego and need and desperation and the quest for identity — just on a bigger, more aggressive, potentially more dangerous scale. I certainly can confirm the old thing about fame not making you happy. But who the f--- can't?''
BETTY WHITE on her enduring celebrity:
''Honey, I've been around so long — for 62 years! 62 years! And the kids have grown up with me, and their parents have grown up with me, and their grandparents have grown up with me! So you're just sort of a fixture. I'd go to the market, especially when we were doing Golden Girls, and the little kids would pull on my skirt and say, 'It's Rose! It's Rose!'''