Saturday, July 03, 2010

Actress Trey Anthony: 'I'm Not Quite Ready To Be A Dyke With A Tyke'

"For years, being queer has allowed me to bypass the annoying baby bullet question. Because when I announced I was queer, that announcement pretty much confirmed to my family that this womb was now out of service. But a few baby-happy lesbians messed that up for me, and I am now surrounded by endless gay friends popping out babies by the dozen or taking a trip to the local Children’s Aid Society to adopt. The single, queer, independent, happy, funky, cool, artist (i.e., me) is now a dying breed," writes actress and playwright, Trey Anthony. "Of course, this baby-booming epidemic in the queer community has not escaped my grandmother or my mother. Upon seeing the new bundle of joy of my two favourite lezzy friends, my grandmother declared, “Trey why don’t you just go tomorrow to where they went and go and get a baby!”

LOL... Poor, Trey!

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