Thursday, July 24, 2014

Being 'Gay & Grey' in Vancouver

[Vancouver, B.C.] In 2013, former city councillor Alan Herbert created Gay & Grey, a discussion group addressing issues that relate to aging as a gay man. The idea came about when Herbert noticed something unusual about HIV support groups in Vancouver. "Members weren't talking about being HIV-positive anymore. Instead, they were discussing everyday problems, like retirement, housing, loneliness and even other illnesses," he said. Herbert quickly realized that while HIV was the reason these individuals had come together in the first place, the conversations they were having had no direct relation to it. "After outliving many of their friends, they were having questions about aging -- something many never thought they would get to experience." Since the group opened its door last September, the one issue that keeps coming up every meeting is housing. "Ultimately people want to know: will there be a place for me to live openly when I get older?" said Herbert.

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