Thursday, July 24, 2014

Fraser Doke Shares His Life Story As An Elderly Gay Man Living With HIV

Fraser Doke, living with HIV for three decades.
(Photo credit: Kristian Secher)
Fraser Doke shares his story of what it's like for a gay man living with HIV as he enters into his senior years - it hasn't been easy. In fact, at one point in his life, he didn't think he'd live past his 30s.

The Tyee reports:
"My life is what made me [who I am] today, all the fights I've gone through. I have no shame and no reason to hide," he said. For over two decades, Doke has lived in a West End housing co-op called The Manhattan. After his surgery last year, he hasn't been able to work, instead receiving government subsidies to pay for rent, food and medication. But it seems every month the budget is getting a little tighter. "For now I am trying to find a roommate to make things more affordable," he said. "In the future, though, senior housing might be my only option. When that happens I want to know I will be accepted as an equal." READ MORE