Friday, August 08, 2014

The Newfoundland Herald Publishes Anti-Gay Letter From Right-Wing Hate Monger

Kyle Curlew 
Two members of Newfoundland's gay community are taking a stand against hate speech. Chelsea Noel and Kyle Curlew (both members of Western Pride NL) filed a human rights complaint after reading an odious diatribe written by anti-gay zealot Matt Barber published in the Letters to the Editor section of The Newfoundland Herald (the Aug. 3-9 issue). Curlew, initiated the complaint and tells CBC that said his "jaw dropped" and exclaimed, ​"I couldn't even believe that it was published in the Herald. It was a rallying call for people to stand against LGBT rights. Essentially, hate propaganda." Chelsea Noel feels that people need to take a stand and said "There is a lot of anger when you first pick up something like this. Especially for me, towards The Newfoundland Herald. What compelled them to post this type of material? This hate propaganda? It was really shocking. It was really alarming."

The Editor of The Newfoundland Herald Has No Regrets for Printing Anti-Gay Letter