Tuesday, August 12, 2014

The Editor of The Newfoundland Herald Has No Regrets for Printing Anti-Gay Letter!

"The Newfoundland Herald publicly apologized to people who were offended by an extreme right-wing opinion piece it published in the Letters to the Editor section of the magazine last week," reports CBC.

The controversy erupted when The Newfoundland Herald irresponsibly published a piece (in its Aug. 3-9 issue) by the well-known American anti-gay zealot Matt Barber. In it he railed against same-sex marriage and abortion. Pam Pardy-Ghent, the Herald's managing editor, wrote an apology of sorts, but expresses no regrets.

She said: "Many beautiful, wise, wonderful and caring people were hurt and angered by Barber's letter, and the fact that it was published in the Herald. And for that, I'm truly sorry."

Pardy-Ghent should be fired immediately. It's only common sense to research a writer BEFORE you publish their work. She gave Barber not only a platform for hate speech but she legitimized it too.