Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Pride: A Coloring Book

Pride: A Coloring Book is a new GoFundMe project which sounds interesting. Coloring Book Erotica is looking to raise $650.00 for the startup capital which will then help them to cover the costs of publishing, marketing, and distribution. I can see how some people would love to have fun with this and especially give a coloring book as a gift. You'll be able to purchase Pride: A Coloring Book in digital form as well as paperback and hardcover.

Here's a sample of the art work:

Here's a more about the campaign from their GoFundMe page: 
2015 was a year that will live on fondly in all of our memories for years to come, not least of all because it was the year that the right to marriage was finally afforded to all people regardless of sexual orientation. 
In celebration of this event and other proud moments in gay history, we ought to, every so often, take a few moments in 2016 in order to look back. Look back with awe at what we have all accomplished, and look back with respect at what those accomplishments took. 
We’ve come a long, long way, and we have a lot to feel good about right now. In this vein, our team has been hard at work putting together an adult coloring book with an uplifting theme: gay pride marches. 
In retrospect, these marches seem to be simple gestures. To the men and women who took part in these marches, however, they meant much, much more, and indeed, seeing where we are now, their effect is inestimable. Pride: A Coloring Book seeks to capture all of the ebullience and impact that came with each of these gay pride marches, as a reminder and as a calling to be proud ever still! 
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