Monday, June 06, 2016

Dating & Sexual Health News Round-Up: Dating Tips, More To Gay Sex Than Anal, When Did You Last Have Sober Sex?

Posted by Shane Smith , Editor of Stonewall Gazette

Dating Tips: Sex On The First Date? Yes or No
Dating can be a nerve-wracking, daunting task, particularly with the absence of dating education available to us as gay men. What traditions and roles that our heterosexual counterparts have for dating are applicable for us, if any? What are we supposed to do? The key is to have fun with dating and take a light approach. Dating is both an art and a science in my belief, combining common sense decision-making with self-awareness of what one wants and needs for a happy and fulfilling lifestyle. When your dating behavior is in alignment with your values and vision for a relationship, you’ll be living with integrity and will be able to approach all your dates with a more relaxed tone and confident demeanor. It will make the process much more easy-going and rewarding. This article will offer some tips on how to approach your first date with that lucky guy you’ve chosen to get to know in sequence of that date’s occurrence. While these are by no means “rules”, these ideas can offer a means to ground yourself and make the most out of the experience without sabotaging it before it gets off the ground. (GayNewsSeattle)

When Did You Last Have Sober Sex?
A question that can stop too many gay men in their tracks these days. In fact it’s become the most commonly asked question by workers in London’s sexual health clinics. What’s more worrying is that they are not referring to alcohol so much as mephedrone, GBL and crystal meth, which have arguably become a normalised part of our sexual recreation (whether we use them or not), with chem-sex being easily available on any hooking-up site or app you might download to your phone. This was mildly concerning some years back, when many gay men didn’t know what chem-sex was, when it was only a small section of our community partying with chems; you know, good ol’ G-shag after the Circuit Party festivities, or smoking some Tina on the odd bank holiday to shag that hot couple you’d had your eye on. When slamming was something you only ever did to a door. (F S Magazine)

Watch Video: There's More To Gay Sex Than Anal Sex

Dr. John Corvino, is a philosophy professor at Wayne State University in Detroit. In this video he talks about those who seem to think there's nothing more to gay sex than anal sex and explains "how squeamish visceral reactions can sometimes masquerade as moral judgments."

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