Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Steve Grand Sings A Disco Classic (!) and Shares His Summer Fun With Fans

Openly gay pop-rock singer Steve Grand is currently on tour. When he's not been busy on the road he's been out enjoying the summer sun and sharing shirtless speedo pics on his social media. Thanks for that, Steve!

had a busy year releasing the hit duet, "Look Away" with Eli Lieb which has over 600,000 views on Youtube (watch video below). In early March, Grand was in South Africa doing radio promotions. Unfortunately, he developed pneumonia while there but that didn't stop him from enjoying the adventure. Below you will find two videos of Steve Grand meeting lions!

One of the other fun aspects of the trip to South Africa was Grand being asked, by the radio hosts, to sing the 1978 Gloria Gaynor disco-anthem, "I Will Survive".

Grand does a great cover version of the song infusing it with just the right amount of a country-tinge in his vocal performance to make the tune his own. I think he should release the song as a single. Take a listen. What do you think?

Watch: Steve Grand Performs 'I Will Survive' Live in The Studio

Watch: Attacked by a LION! P1 - I Got Pneumonia!

Watch: Don't Eat Me! We Can Be Friends, Mr. Lion

Watch: "Look Away" by Eli Lieb and Steve Grand

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