Wednesday, June 01, 2016

Web Series: "the YOU & the ME"

Written by Shane Smith, Editor, Stonewall Gazette

Created by Greg Archer and Jeff Dinnell, "the YOU & the ME" is an interesting web comedy series that explores atheism and spirituality by taking a humorous and very human approach. This series reminds me a little bit of Louis Malle's 1981 cult film, "My Dinner with Andre" starring Andre Gregory and Wallace Shawn. In this web series we have two gay men talking and sharing their life experiences with warmth and wit.

Series overview: "Greg is a spiritual junkie. Jeff is an atheist. When a twist of fate brings the two men together, they turn to each other for support and unlikely friendship. Along the way, the guys ponder vacuous gay culture, Hollywood life, religion, and spirituality. But when one of them gets a “sign” that they are destined to create something big together, their lives suddenly become more intertwined. Can their alliance withstand a hilarious yet ongoing test of personal beliefs and the struggle to remain relevant?"

Author Greg Archer is known for his memoir, “Grace Revealed” and book, “Shut Up, Skinny Bitches!” Jeff Dinnell wrote and directed the 2012 mockumentary “Explode For Me” featuring Matthew Boehm, Madeline Blue, Stephen Todt, Yara Figueroa.

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Watch: "the YOU & the ME" (Episode 1)

"the YOU & the ME" (Episode 1)
Synopsis: Two gay men/one-time friends and colleagues (Jeff and Greg) reconnect by chance when one of them gets a "sign" that they must "work" together.

Watch: "the YOU & the ME" (Episode 2)

"the YOU & the ME" (Episode 2)
Synopsis: Jeff and Greg debate twists of fate, God, "energy" and other cosmic events. But when they each admit to new love interests, they begin to question the possibilities.

Watch the entire series (11 eps) of "the YOU & the ME" Season One HERE.

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