Sunday, July 31, 2016

WATCH: Erin Burrell's Dance Tribute to Pulse Nightclub Victims

Written by Shane, Editor of Stonewall Gazette

A few weeks ago, Erin Burrell released a dance video (see below) on his YouTube channel which shows him dancing all over the urban landscape of Los Angeles. The song featured in the video is Bronski Beat's classic 1984 synthpop hit, "Why?". Burrell shares that it's "Dedicated to the Pulse nightclub victims in Orlando". He adds, "They were dancing. We will keep dancing for you." There is a sense of grace, purpose and heartfelt energy in Burrell's dancing that I found very moving.

The video was directed John Wesley Whitton. The other dancers are: Adrian Ayala, Lou Becker, Richie Michael, Elija, Thed Jewel, George Koop, Tom Moore, Kris Rapp, Aaron Smith, John Wesley Whitton, Adam Ziv.

You can donate to the Pulse Victims Fund HERE

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