Sunday, July 24, 2016

Indigenous Communities All Over The Globe Are Struggling with HIV

In the Cusco region of Peru, a woman found out she was HIV positive while getting prenatal care for her sixth pregnancy. The health center then tested her husband, who worked far from home as an illegal miner, and found out he was positive also. He had unwittingly transferred the virus to his wife, who proceeded to kick him out. Now he lives in the shanty towns of the illegal mines, while she raises their five children, saddled with a disease she doesn't understand. The woman only speaks her Indigenous language of Quechua and the information about HIV is only in Spanish. "In our Indigenous community this is a very common story," said Pilar Montalvo, a sexual/reproductive health advocate, who told the woman's story through a Spanish interpreter. "To this day she is still trying to figure out what HIV is." READ MORE