Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Pro-LGBTQ Teen Rejected as Counsellor at Bible Camp in British Columbia

A popular camp and conference centre in Prince George, British Columbia, Canada, is losing support from leading organizations because of its stance on homosexuality. Ness Lake Bible Camp is operated by One Hope Canada, an evangelical Christian organization that places homosexual relationships alongside premarital sex, pornography, and criminal activity in a list of items it considers "unethical or immoral." This belief has prompted a review by the local school district and rotary club. Julianna Ferguson, 17, attended Ness Lake as a camper for years. She had planned to return this summer, but after sending in her application, she was told there was a problem. "The camp director told me they couldn't hire me because I support LGBT and all of their rights, and their right to marry whoever they want," she said.