Saturday, July 23, 2016

Kissing for a Good Cause

Photographer Tayte E. Hanson has created the #KISSME campaign, with proceeds going to support The Ali Forney Center.

Tayte E. Hanson says:
"I recently had the privilege of photographing faces within the LGBT community. These photographs show the expressions of human connection and love and remind the world that we are all the same, that we are all deserving of love and equality.

Orlando shouldn't have happened. However, in light of the fact that it did, we have the opportunity to join together as the amazing community that we are, a community that is an incredible, loving, beautiful force to be seen.

We also have the opportunity to bring about change. That is why I created the #KISSME campaign and joined forces with The Ali Forney Center and The Uprising. Together, we produced a 2017 calendar. Money raised from the sale of this calendar will go to support The Ali Forney Center. ​ 
It is my hope that after this project is complete, the Kiss Me for Our Future website and #KISSME hashtag will serve as a curated stream of images and writings of strength for the LGBT community and allies alike. I am inviting everyone to submit photos showing love and compassion between members of our community and allies. Please email them to and share them on Instagram and Twitter using #KISSME and tagging @TAYTEEHANSON.

The #KISSME campaign logo designed by Paul Tuller (@paperescapade) is also available as a temporary tattoo. I look forward to seeing people unite and use it in their photograph submissions. We must stand together." ​​​ 
​​To make a donation by purchasing calendars and/or temporary tattoos, go HERE.!store/nkwbz ​​​ 
With love and light, ​​​ 
Tayte E. Hanson ​​​ 
@mattiolipro (Mattioli Productions) - Production Company ​​​
You can follow Tayte E Hanson on Twitter

UPDATE (July 24, 2016)
Be sure to enter the #KISSME Campaign contest

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