Friday, July 08, 2016

Ronnie Kroell and Eddie Lobo on the "Left of Str8 Show"

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Ronnie Kroell and Eddie Lobo are co-founders of the "Friend Movement". Join them in a great conversation with host Scott Fullerton on Left of Str8 Show. The Friend Movement describes itself as a "lifestyle brand + production company that prevents and heals the effects of bullying by offering products, events, and services that celebrate friendship; empowering people to accept and be their true selves."

Both men have interesting backgrounds. From the official website:
Edward “Eddie” Lobo works as a comedian and actor. He has worked on various shows seen on CBS, NBC and ABC and is the field reporter for LifeBites Live. His philanthropic efforts have extended to various charities such as the United Way, Children’s Miracle Network and Miss America Organization. Eddie was bullied as a teen and though most of his high school years and has worked hard to overcome much of the damage that was a direct result of bullying. Eddie’s goal is to create a new way of viewing bullying and educate society.

Ronnie Kroell is runner-up of Bravo Network’s hit show “Make Me A Supermodel”, an enthusiastic entrepreneur, and an activist at heart. He knows first hand the experience of being bullied and the lasting scars it can leave one to carry-on into adulthood.

Under his leadership, Friend Movement has successfully released a star-studded anti-bullying photo-campaign called “The New F Word”, produced a benefit concert head-lined by singer LeAnn Rimes, and walked from Chicago to NYC (921 miles in 42 days) to raise awareness and celebrate friendship during Bullying Prevention Month.
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