Wednesday, August 03, 2016

Some People Don't Believe You Exist or Are Real If You Aren't on Facebook or Twitter

Via The Verge: 
Most of us move through the web leaving a trail of personal information. It comes from old accounts and services, leaking an address here and a job title there — what experts call data exhaust. Under the right circumstances, it can be every bit as harmful as engine fumes, providing the raw materials for doxxing and harassment campaigns. It’s also very useful for journalists, putting a person’s whole life just a few searches away. Not everyone leaves that trail. You can choose not to, staying off services Facebook, using fake handles and protecting information like your home address. Taken to its fullest extent, it requires living much of your life offline, but otherwise it’s not such a difficult thing. Some people already live this way, keeping clear of an abusive husband or a coordinated harassment campaign. READ MORE